My Back is Being a Problem

I have been having this issue with my back for a decade or so, mostly because I used to drink and act like a fool when I was in college. Of course most of the time I was too busy and too poor to drink so much, but on occasion I would find a party where the beer was free and over indulge. This one time I managed to get in a fight with a guy twice my size. He did not scare me at the time, but now I am going to see a chiropractor in the San Francisco and it is something that started after that little incident. Of course at the time I was pretty proud of myself. I had not started the fight, but as they say I had put an end to it. In fact I picked up that guy and threw him into his friends. Then the guys who owned the house threw them out, because obviously no one likes people to start fights in their houses. They did not throw me out because I knew them pretty well.

It is not something that comes back all of the time, but I have had to see a new chiropractor about four times since then. Usually it happens pretty much like this. I go to bed without any problems, but when I wake up my back is stiff. The first morning it is not so bad that you could not live with it, but it is going to get worse. Some times it is not immediate, but it always does get worse. In time you are barely able to move after laying in the bed for the night, so in this case it is best to go ahead and have the chiropractor fix it before it gets worse.