The Importance of Exercise Will Give You Serious Fitness Goals

Working out is fundamentally essential for carrying on with a solid life, and this article will quickly disclose to you the significance of work out. Numerous individuals disregard this movement, just to think twice about it at a later stage. You should not commit that error.

All of us have heard that exercising is great for health, but few of us know its exact impact. While it helps one to achieve the desired physical shape, its effects on the mind and the soul are also well established. Although, a majority of people are well aware of the benefits, yet many don’t pursue it actively. This can be because of the busy schedule that all of us follow, but there are many people who don’t indulge in any form of activity because they are not completely aware about its importance. They mistakenly believe that exercising is only important for aspiring bodybuilders. What they fail to understand is that our body craves for some sort of exercise for its smooth functioning, and when we don’t do it, wear and tear is inevitable. Our lifestyle today, has changed drastically, thanks to the numerous innovations in technology. You can get a machine to do almost all your daily chores, reducing even the slight possibility of you engaging in any form of physical activity. A sedentary lifestyle can affect our body in the long run, therefore, it is important that we take up regular fitness regime.

Helps in Losing Weight

One can choose a cardiovascular exercise, like aerobics, walking, running and jogging, swimming, etc. for the same. They will help in burning a number of calories. It will in turn also help in increasing the metabolism of the body. Visceral body fat is also reduced with regular exercise.

Improves Stamina

Often, we feel tired very fast or are not able to perform an activity as fast as we would like to. This is due to low stamina. With regular exercise the body is trained to use less amount of energy for doing certain amount of work. This also makes the body more efficient in energy management, which in turn helps in increasing stamina. You will also observe, that with regular exercise, the heart rate comes back to resting levels sooner after you have performed a strenuous activity.

Tones the Body

There are a number of people who often ask how to tone up without taking any medicines. The answer is by following exercise programs. While the cardiovascular exercises help in getting rid of the excess weight, strength training activities can help you in building body muscles. To get a well-toned body with the help of weightlifting you need to follow a diet, otherwise it can also lead to fatigue and weakness.

Improves Mood

Now let’s get to know why it is important for mental health. There are a number of psychological benefits of exercise. It helps in increasing self-confidence and self-esteem. The person does not suffer from depression and is cheerful all the time. A person who works out regularly will be less anxious than people who do not work out. It helps in releasing endorphins and chemicals, which help in making the person feel more peaceful as well as happy.

Boosts the Immune System

It has been established that moderate exercise helps in strengthening the immune system. This is because it causes physiological changes in the immune system. It has been found out that immune cells – which are responsible for fighting pathogens – circulate quickly through the body during exercising. When we keep on exercising over a period of time, this behavior of immune cells becomes long-lasting, helping in prevention against contagious diseases.

Reinvigorates Your Sex Life

Research conducted over the years has revealed that men who exercise regularly are less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Also, it elevates the arousal hormones in woman, which helps in better lubrication. And among other things, it definitely gives your partner a boost if you have a toned body. Men who exercise on a consistent basis also find it easier to last longer during the ‘act’ without feeling tired! So, if you want your sex life to be tantalizing, pull up your socks and head to the gym.

Helps in Curing Insomnia

A study conducted by the Northwestern University found that people who were engaged in physical activity were more likely to overcome sleep disorders such as insomnia. Not only does it help you in having a good night’s sleep, but it also drastically reduces the accompanying symptoms of sleep disorders like anxiety and depression.

Exercising has become all the more important for the youth as today, they are spending their entire day sitting in front of the computer, playing video games and eating junk food. This is bound to have an adverse effect on the individual, sooner rather than later. By resorting to regular routines, they are negating the effects of these indulgent activities, and ensuring that their bodies do not become stale thanks to the sedentary lifestyle that they lead. It cannot be stressed enough, that exercise is vitally important for the survival and the smooth sustenance of human life.

We know that there is a unanimous acceptance of its benefits, but what keeps most people away is procrastination. The banal excuse, “I have no time on my hands” is just self-deception or escapism on our part. If you are determined to keep some time for exercising in your daily schedule, trust me, it would surely show great results in your personal and professional life. Remember, Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.

Benefits of Spinning Class Will Give You Extreme Fitness Goals

sticking is ending up being a standout amongst the most prevalent activities to embrace since its advantages stretch out more than a few physical and mental components. Give us a chance to dive into the subtle elements of the same in the accompanying article.

The world has finally realized the importance of being fit. With this new discovery has come the need to constantly re-invent newer and better exercising routines. The risk of getting stuck in the same-old-rut-of-an-exercise-program can be quite high, and therefore, constantly changing exercise routines to challenge our bodies becomes necessary. If you are stuck in a situation where the same old exercise routine is driving you into a slump, getting you to lose interest in exercising and you (therefore) want to shift to a newer and better exercise form, experts suggest you get yourself registered for a spinning class because it accounts for some of the greatest all-body (and mind) benefits.

What is Spinning…

Spinning is carried through with the help of a stationary bike. The bike has several settings on it which help in controlling and manipulating the tension, speed and resistance of the workout. This is set in accordance with the person’s stamina level as well as after undertaking other health factors. Along with this, the heart rate, calories burned and the time lapsed can be calculated as well.

Spinning can be undertaken for strength and endurance training as well as weight loss (among others). It requires the expert guidance of an instructor who calculates a person’s level of fitness and formulates a special plan for him/her accordingly. A spinning class is conducted with music playing in the background. This helps in a dual manner. One, it makes the class interesting, and two, the beats of the music help in maintaining the pace of the workout.

This exercise is one of the most intense workouts, in the manner that it can burn about 500-550 calories in about 45 minutes. The reason for why this happens is because the muscles are worked to their extreme and the body has to work doubly hard to rebuild them. Along with that, it targets varied muscle groups at the same time and leads to an increase in the metabolic rate.

Its Benefits Are…

Why exactly is a spinning class touted to be one of the best exercise forms to get underway? Here are some of the benefits that can be looked into.

Burns Those Calories
In need of losing weight? Spinning could well be the answer. Doing a 45 minute workout on an exercise bike will burn as many as 500-550 calories! This exercise allows for the highest ratio of calories burned in 45 minutes in comparison to any other cardiovascular exercise. Even though it looks challenging, once the initial period of slack muscles tightening and sore muscles healing is over, the pounds will begin to melt.

Increases Metabolism
This exercise form targets several muscle groups at one time, due to which, several muscles are broken down. The body then works really hard to rebuild these muscles by expending a lot of energy and burning calories in the process. This effect lasts for a prolonged period (wherein the calories are burned faster) and this is what increases the metabolic rate of the body.

Lets You Decide the Pace
Have you experienced this? When working out in an aerobics class, if you happen to miss a beat, everything goes out of sync. Not only do you fall behind the class, but others can see you struggling until you pick up the pace. All this affects your workout in more ways than one. But with a spinning class, you can never fall behind the others because you determine your own pace and work out accordingly. Whether you follow a trainer or a video and you happen to slacken your cycling speed, it does not affect the class in any way. It thus leaves you free to decide and switch between paces, based purely on your comfort and needs. You can always make use of the resistance knob to lower or increase the speed and resistance.

Low Impact Workout
For those of you suffering from knee and joint pain or arthritis, this is the perfect workout for you. One of the benefits of a spinning class is that it does not put any pressure on the knees and joints and therefore allows you to not only work hard but prevents any stress that could be brought on by the pain.

Heavy Cardio Workout
The benefits extend to the fact that it makes for a great cardiovascular workout and therefore promotes good health. Basically, spinning is an anaerobic exercise. Which means that it takes energy from the reserves of the body to build muscular endurance over time. It lowers the heart rate as well as helps in endurance building. It not only increases your heart rate and lung capacity, but also helps to promote and maintain controlled breathing – which in turn is responsible for getting rid of anxiety (if you experience any).

Shapes Those Legs
Not only does spinning help in losing overall weight, but it is also responsible for shaping ones legs in particular. Spinning uses large muscle groups in the legs and therefore, over time, you will notice your thighs, calves and hamstrings getting into perfect shape.

Promotes Mental Health
A spinning class benefits us by helping build mental health. It teaches us self discipline in putting our bodies through the workout. It helps in relaxing our minds by helping release the tensions through exercise. It also helps to develop a positive attitude, when learning to deal with good and bad days during endurance training. All in all, it provides great mental strength.

Works the Abs
Maintaining the correct posture while spinning will help one to work on their ab muscles as well. This cannot be seen when we ride a bike. This is because, the position and posture that we maintain during spinning allows for an upper body rhythm, that helps maintain the leg rhythm. So it works on both – the central and side abdominal muscles.

Releases ‘Happy’ Hormones
When you cross your breaking point, that is, the point at which you feel the workout, the body will release endorphins. These endorphins lead to an overall state of happiness and contentment. This will last you throughout the day and ultimately promote your productivity in anything that you do.

And More…
Spinning class helps relieve boredom. If one has ever used the treadmill, one can vouch for the fact that it is not the most stimulating of exercises. Spinning is not like that. It demands your attention and makes you focus. At a spinning class, usually, all the cycles will be lined together – so you can train with others. Having a partner to train with you will help to keep interest levels high, because each will encourage the other to work harder and push themselves when slacking. Also, some classes provide video sessions, thus keeping one completely engrossed in the same and leaving very little to be bored about.

The kind of benefits that a spinning class promises are very difficult to duplicate through many other exercise routines. 2-3 classes in a week, and you’ll have a great body to boast about in hardly any time. Now you know what to do if you really want a good workout…go join a spinning class today!

Fitness Activities for Toddlers

Toddlers have inexhaustible energy stored in their body and to utilize it in the right direction for good health and development of the brain, physical activities are a must. While playing, kids are not aware of the benefits of physical exercises, rather they are engrossed in the fun and enjoyment involved in it. So, it becomes the responsibility of parents to engage kids in various physical activities according to their interests. If you wish that your child should develop into a well-built, well-nourished and well-formed individual, then utmost care must be taken in chalking out the program and schedule depending upon the age and progress. Physical fitness is one aspect which should not be taken lightly since it is directly related to the physical and mental health. Unfortunately, the present trend has prompted a fair number of working parents to dedicate most of their time to their jobs and less towards their children. In order to compensate, one must ensure that sufficient fitness activities are undertaken religiously.

Benefits of Physical Fitness

Before we begin, let’s have a look at the benefits derived and their usefulness for kid’s health and mind.

  • First and foremost, they help to keep the body in good shape.
  • Health and skill related aspects get a tremendous boost besides developing overall fitness.
  • They augment self-confidence and inculcate self-esteem by regularly participating in various activities and achieving success in them.
  • They develop fundamental motor skills and co-ordinate body movements while taking part in activities like jumping, dancing, and crawling.
  • They reinforce social skills, language development, and power of expressions.
  • Besides entertainment, these activities are of great help in developing problem-solving capabilities and rendering confidence in an individual.
  • They also develop social skills and a sense of belonging to the team or a group of children he is participating with, should there exist a possibility of bringing together a number of toddlers.

Types of Fitness Exercises

In order to make fitness ideas simple for you and your child, let’s first classify them into outdoor and indoor activities, and see how to involve toddlers in these activities and generate their interest. Remember that each activity has its own merits and endeavors, so they should be carefully planned and executed.

Indoor Activities

  • Every child fancies bright colors and gets attracted to it pretty fast. Bring a colorful medium-sized light ball from the store and allow him to play with it for a while so that he becomes possessive of it. After sometime, take the ball and throw it, your child will dash after it. Playfully keep repeating these fun activities for about 15 to 20 minutes while encouraging him at the same time. Make sure you stop the game when your child stops taking interest and refuses to pick up the ball. Go in for something else.
  • The fitness can also be achieved by holding dancing sessions in your house. Every child loves music naturally and therefore select a couple of songs which your child has been seen to love the most and keep playing them at frequent intervals. Initially you have to hold your child’s hands and dance along with him for a while. Keep encouraging him. Subsequently, whenever you play the music, your child will automatically respond.

Outdoor Activities

  • For this outdoor game, even if you do not have a lawn or a yard, step into a park or a public place along with your child with a ball, which of course should be colorful and bright as usual, and also with some of his favorite toys. Slowly kick the ball to move a reachable distance and nudge the child to go for it. On fetching it, clap and cheer him up, thus, encouraging him to keep repeating. As soon as you realize that tiredness is overcoming him, stop and let him play with other toys.
  • Some other common outdoor activities can be swimming, sack race, and three-legged race that would be loved by the toddlers. These fitness games for toddlers require little physical exertion, but keep in mind not to overexert your kid.

Apart from the ideas mentioned above, you too can design some fun activities on your own. All you’ve to do is sit down, think what your child’s strong likings are, and design a game accordingly.

Awesome Fitness Challenge Ideas for Groups to Stay in Shape

Wellness is a way of life, it is something that you have to do and impart to your precious ones. In case you’re worn out on working out alone, and need to know of some inventive approaches to make your gathering practicing routine fascinating and fun.

A Quick Fact
Experts suggest that people who workout with partners, or in groups, tend to stick to the plan for a longer duration and achieve their goals more often as compared to those who workout alone.
A fitness regime seems to be promising before you start, difficult when you are a beginner, and after a point, it gets kind of mundane, especially when you’ve been into it for quite some time. Perhaps you could bring about a positive change in your routine by involving more people in your workout. As mentioned already, it has been observed that group exercises prove to be more fruitful than otherwise. According to Todd A. Astorino, Associate Professor of Kinesiology at California State University, San Marcos, “For long-term weight loss, you need to have social support”. Apart from this, exercising in groups consisting of people who share common fitness goals and challenges also helps in building positive relationships with them, which again contributes to your overall health.

Different fitness challenges can be incorporated to target the long-term goals of how you wish to sculpt your body. These challenges not only induce a sense of healthy competition among members, but also provide the much-coveted motivation and zest that most people fail to find within themselves during a workout session. Take a look at these 5 challenges we have in store for your group.

Fun Group Activity Ideas for Achieving Your Fitness Goals

The Pedometer Boost

According to The Journal of the American Medical Association, people who use a pedometer, tend to walk almost 2,000 steps more than those who don’t use one. So, yes, before you start planning a fitness regime for your group, make sure everyone gets a pedometer for sure! You are normally suggested to walk 10,000 steps everyday to keep the weight off your body. However, to make things a little more challenging, your group can start with the treadmill (while wearing a pedometer). The goal is to compete with each other to see who reaches the number (10,000) first. The fun part would be that, in order to win, even those members who resented running would let go of their brisk walk and run! If the whole running on the treadmill challenge is not possible, each group member can wear the pedometer and report back the next day with the number of steps taken. The one who has the highest number is declared the winner.

The Balancing Act

Another fun-tastic activity that exerts your core muscles, abdomen, hips, arms, shoulders, and other target areas, would be to balance your body, as if you are a statue! In fact, it would make sense to take this challenge everyday so that the repetition not only helps in targeting your flab, but also improves your balancing skills over time. You can try different exercises―planks, side-leg raises, V-sit position, and the like. Using props, such as the stability ball and boards, will make things all the more interesting. The fun part would be to see people lose their balance, and watching those who would settle for a compromising in-between position making the activity seem all the more funny. Watch out for these funny sights, as they might be enough for you to lose your balance as to try to control your laughter. Many people prefer closing their eyes to gain more focus. As you might have gauged, the one who stays balanced till the end, wins.

The Super-fast Crunches

Who would deny the benefits of crunches when it comes to toning our upper body? Compete with others in the group, and do as many crunches as you can in 3 minutes! You know, there is something that really pushes you to the extreme when you watch others perform. Call it your willpower, ego, or stubbornness, you automatically start neglecting the pain that your abs feel after reaching a certain number. Slowly, you begin to enjoy that pain, and you push yourself till you see everyone else admiring your determination. If you manage to complete the entire 3 minutes, and reach a number that’s like a record (say, 70 crunches in 3 minutes), compete the alternate day again to see if someone else in the group takes over your title. You can try the same approach with different exercises including push-ups, lunges, squats, and rope jumping. Healthy competition can be extremely rewarding!

The Flexibility Goal

It has been observed that most people struggling with weight issues, also have flexibility issues. When alone, they tend to give up easily if they don’t see their fingers reaching their toes without bending their knees, or when they can’t do a perfect split! However, in presence of a group that is willing to support you, perhaps give you some helpful tips to improve your position, attaining your flexibility goal becomes only a matter of time. Give this challenge a time-frame, varying from 10 to 15 days, or more (if need be). The challenge would be to form a position using your flexibility skills. For instance, the group has to work together to make a perfect circle with their body, as shown in the image above. As a reward, each member gets the picture of the attained goal to be proud of the accomplishment. This task is more of a team effort, as opposed to a competition.

The 30-day Weight Loss Challenge

We wouldn’t be surprised if you tell us that you have tried this challenge a zillion times, and something has always gone wrong! Which is why, we insist that you give it a shot along with people who share the same goal. Share videos of a new exercise, pictures of what you’re eating, your thoughts when you need that firm assurance that these efforts are worth it, and motivation to not let go. Monitor weekly results. Get your food journal and share it with others. See where you or they may possibly be going wrong. Compete with each other to lose more in the given time-frame. Share the tips you come across in the process. With so many supportive hands together, you can make this challenge, a cherished success.

Please Note –
The aforementioned ideas can be modified as per the fitness level of the group members, as not everybody has the same capacity to endure the set difficulty level. It would be wise to take consent of every group member before deciding the activity. Also, it should be very clear that these competitions/challenges are healthy, and that no one should take extreme measures to “win”, especially those measures that may prove to be harmful to one’s health.
It is advisable to conduct these exercises/activities under the guidance of a professional. An experienced trainer would help you do the exercise in the right way. Incorrect posture while exercising may end up affecting the body adversely. For instance, exercises such as squats and lunges, if done incorrectly, may strain your knees. A dietitian who is aware of your medical condition (if you have any) such as diabetes, problems related to the heart, and the like, should be consulted while following a specific diet. Make sure all these professionals give each and every group member the go ahead to proceed with these (or any) fitness challenges. Other than that, it is strictly advisable to consult a trusted healthcare specialist before taking up any physical activity or amending a change in your diet. Your health condition would determine if it is okay for you to take up certain exercises. Hence, a professional consultation is a must.